The Temple of the Space Walrus

The Space Walrus is a great celestial being that created this universe and all others. All beings (deities or otherwise) should worship the space walrus and to a lesser extent, his girlfriend, the space butterfly.

The temple of the space walrus is a multicultural group, that spans the world. The high priests are currently unnamed, though we influence the worship of the Space Walrus across the globe. These people are utterly devoted to the Space Walrus, and the worship of said deity. The temple advocates all kinds of mesures and ceremonies, and strongly urges other, less accepting, religions to allow ceremonies such as gay marriage, gender equality and racial acceptance. And bacon. Lots of Bacon!! Let the juices flow through the veins of non vegatarians.

But, if you are a vegetarian, we love you anyway, as the space walrus loves everyone equally. Or hates. Same thing really. It's a sort of half-empty/full situation. If you love everyone equally, you must also hate everyone equally. Important life advice for all budding devotees of The Walrus.

We accept it is very hard to be forgiving, accepting and also kind, especially when there as such people as...